Which kind of aerobic fitness equipment is more effective

Date: 2021-06-17  00:00:00    Author:    Browse number: 542

There are many aerobic fitness equipment in the gymnasium. Different aerobic fitness equipment has different effects on reducing fat because of its different functions.

Now let's talk about the treadmill, which should be the most popular aerobic exercise equipment. It has adjustable strength and excellent fat reduction effect. However, the track angle of the treadmill is different from that of the ground when running outdoors. It is suggested that you tilt slightly during running to simulate the stress state of your feet when running naturally.

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In addition, there are aerobic fitness equipment oval machine, which is suitable for people who are seriously overweight or injured in knee, lumbar and ankle. Because of its small impact on joints, especially knee joints, it was first invented as a kind of rehabilitation equipment. Unfortunately, because the intensity is low, so the effect of lipid-lowering is also general.

There is also the aerobic fitness equipment of the m-bike. In conscience, the m-bike has a good fat reduction effect. A class takes about an hour, and it can consume more than 500 calories. The reason is also very simple: the intensity is high. But the dynamic bicycle is easy to be damaged in the process of riding, so we need to pay more attention when using it.

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Want a perfect back like a kayak or a swimmer? Go and use the boat! At the same time, it can also play the role of reducing fat and shaping. Compared with other instruments, when rowing, you can instantly use a lot of strength to achieve high heart rate. The greater the instantaneous energy, the greater the effect of burning fat, and the greater the impact on cardiopulmonary function.

Therefore, each kind of fitness equipment has its own function and use, which fitness equipment can be selected according to its own situation.