Diversified selection of fitness equipment in Gymnasium

Date: 2021-06-17  00:00:00    Author:    Browse number: 452

Gymnasium fitness equipment is a necessity to represent whether a gymnasium is standardized and whether it can attract gymnasium members. If the fitness equipment is complete, it will enable exercisers to choose more training programs. Here's what fitness equipment the gym should be equipped with.

Fitness equipment is generally divided into the following categories:

1. Strength fitness device:

High pressure fitness equipment, shoulder press fitness equipment, chest press fitness equipment, biceps fitness equipment, triceps stretching fitness equipment, abdominal fitness equipment, back muscle fitness equipment, triceps inhibition fitness equipment, waist fitness equipment, thigh stretching fitness equipment, thigh bending fitness equipment, leg and foot fitness equipment, outer thigh fitness equipment, inner thigh fitness equipment, hip fitness equipment, leg straightening fitness equipment Thigh horizontal bending fitness device and upper limb strength fitness device are indispensable to the gym, because many people enter the gym for muscle training, and the indispensable part of muscle training is the strength fitness device.

2. Aerobic fitness equipment:

Treadmill, vertical exercise bike, horizontal exercise bike, water resistance rowing machine, water resistance hand foot compound exercise bike, etc.; Gym also need aerobic fitness equipment, because many people enter the gym to lose weight, aerobic fitness equipment is a good helper to lose weight.

3. Shaping area (aerobic exercise, yoga, dance)

Larger fitness clubs can also increase the body measurement area, measure the body index of exercisers, and help coaches make effective personal exercise plans.

4. Free power equipment:

Flat bed push, downward inclined push, upward inclined push, biceps exerciser, back muscle exerciser, adjustable dumbbell exercise chair, reclining chair, dumbbell exercise chair, barbell board storage frame, double dumbbell frame, adjustable abdominal muscle exerciser, adjustable oblique abdominal muscle exercise chair, multi-function reclining exerciser, barbell board barbell frame, kick training device, short barbell frame.

Now do you know what kinds of fitness equipment are available in general gyms? I hope you can learn more through the above introduction.