How to use fitness equipment correctly

Date: 2021-06-17  00:00:00    Author:    Browse number: 448

Nowadays, more and more people use fitness equipment for physical exercise in our country. There is no doubt that the emergence of a variety of fitness equipment has brought a lot of convenience to people who hope to get healthy through exercise. But if you have these equipment but can't use correctly, not only the exercise effect is not good, sometimes it will cause accidents. It is necessary to know how to use all kinds of equipment correctly. Here are some ways to use them correctly:

1、 Pay attention to science and rationality

High intensity short-term training is conducive to the development of strength and speed, medium intensity short-term training is conducive to the development of endurance. Every training should have a certain order, do warm-up activities first, especially in winter or low temperature period. In regular training, we should pay attention to breathing coordination during aerobic exercise; If weight loss should be arranged more group less exercise, if bodybuilding should be arranged less group more exercise.

2、 Step by step

There are certain rules and stages in the development of everything. For beginners, in order to ensure safety, in addition to checking the instructions of the equipment, they should also pay attention to their age, physique and other factors. It is better to practice under the guidance of doctors and coaches.

3、 All round development

Long term mechanical training is easy to lead to one-sided development of body strength, endurance and muscle development, while ignoring the development of reaction ability, speed, flexibility and coordination ability. This physiological function is obviously not perfect. Therefore, on the basis of conventional equipment training, necessary auxiliary training should be carried out. Such as ball games, track and field, martial arts, boxing, gymnastics, swimming, skating, dance, chess and so on.

The meaning of fitness focuses on the unity of form and spirit. People with strong muscles, vulgar language and reckless behavior are not beautiful. In the process of exercise, practitioners should pay special attention to the cultivation of their own spiritual world, and exercise themselves into a healthy person.