How about the weight loss effect of m-bike?

Date: 2021-06-16  00:00:00    Author:    Browse number: 408

M-bike is very common in the gym, and it is an aerobic training equipment used by many fitness bloggers. The advantage of m-bike is that it has higher fat burning efficiency and takes up less space than treadmill. So the weight loss effect of m-bike is good.

Although sports cycling is a kind of exercise relying on leg strength, it actually has the effect of slimming legs. You can go to see sports cycling coaches who have many years of training experience. Their strong and slender appearance will tell you that you don't have to worry about sports cycling making you a "Big Mac". Many girls are especially worried that cycling aerobics will make their legs thicker. In fact, such worry is unnecessary. Continuous low frequency and low power riding is impossible to make your legs thicker! Not all sports can make your muscles strong! Mr. fitness is after a lot of hard work to get that kind of muscle!

The correct use of sports bike will not make the legs thicker, but will make the legs thinner. However, if you use sports bike to exercise the hind legs thicker, it may be due to improper use. Cycling can not only thin legs, but also thin stomach, buttocks and arms. The intensity of cycling is not only reflected in the leg movement, but also affects the function of the whole body.