What are the fitness equipment? Introduction of fitness equipment

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What are the fitness equipment? When we exercise in the gym, we will see a lot of fitness equipment. What's the name and function of these fitness equipment? What fitness equipment is more practical for home sports? If you have any questions about these problems, you can take a look at the fitness equipment listed by Xiaobian.

Fitness equipment 1:Ellipse machine

What is elliptical machine? Elliptical machine, also known as the universe walking machine, refers to fitness equipment. Elliptical machine is used to exercise our heart and lung equipment, loved by fitness. As soon as it came into the market, it attracted a lot of people. Elliptical machine with slope, resistance, fat burning and other functions, specialized in training our lower limbs. Small oval machine, directly buy home to use, very convenient. Any type of elliptical machine, fat burning effect is very good.

What are the advantages of using elliptical machine?

The ellipse machine mainly faces the waist and abdomen, side waist, thigh, buttock and other parts. This kind of high-efficiency weight-loss equipment has a good effect on reducing fat and improving the fitness effect. The muscles of the elliptical machine are mainly thighs and buttocks. With the help of both arms, it not only improves the coordination ability of the limbs, but also burns a lot of fat in the legs. This can achieve a good compact body effect, enhance the thigh and hip muscle elasticity, improve the hip line. Our sciatic nerve can also be well activated during elliptical training to enhance the strength of lumbar muscles, as well as the endurance of side waist and abdomen.

Fitness equipment II: rower

What is a rower? Rowing device is a kind of equipment to simulate rowing, which has a good effect on the muscle enhancement of legs, waist, upper limbs, chest and back. Rowing machine is also called rowing machine, rowing machine, rowing machine, rowing machine, dynamometer, land rowing machine and indoor rowing machine.

What are the benefits of using a rower?

The rowing device has a good effect on the muscle enhancement of legs, waist, upper limbs, chest and back. Each stroke, upper limbs, lower limbs, waist, abdomen, back in the process will complete a complete contraction and extension, can achieve a whole body muscle aerobic exercise effect. Especially for those who have a small stomach and a tiger's back, rowing will bring you unexpected body shaping effect.

Fitness equipment 3: exercise bike

What is a gym bike?

Exercise bike is divided into ordinary exercise bike and magnetic control exercise bike. Compared with ordinary exercise bike, magnetic control exercise bike has less wear, uniform force and more durable. At present, magnetic control exercise bike has become one of the popular fitness equipment for families. Its movement principle is to control the resistance through the magnetic control wheel, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the movement intensity.

What are the benefits of using exercise bike?

The main purpose of the exercise bike is to achieve fitness by trampling on the legs. Riding the exercise bike mainly acts on the leg muscles. When people ride the exercise bike, their lower limbs do a circular movement around the axis of rotation, with medium exercise intensity, which is reflected in the lower limb movement. Therefore, the exercise bike is also female leg fitness equipment. Using exercise bike can not only consume excess fat, but also exercise people's cardiopulmonary function.