The difference between household fitness equipment and commercial fitness equipment

Date: 2021-06-16  00:00:00    Author:    Browse number: 424

Many kids love sports and fitness, and will build their home into a family gym, but they still don't understand the difference between commercial fitness equipment and home fitness equipment? How to choose? Today Xiaobian focuses on the difference between the two.

The difference between household fitness equipment and commercial fitness equipment:

There are great differences between commercial fitness equipment and household fitness equipment in terms of appearance, internal configuration, functionality and service life. Commercial fitness equipment is used more frequently, so its performance and configuration are better than household fitness equipment. Commercial fitness equipment needs a long time of operation, generally is not foldable, and the motor is not the same as household fitness equipment.

How to choose household fitness equipment:

The size of the available space at home also directly determines the choice of fitness equipment. If the home is relatively large, it's no problem to choose a whole set of large fitness equipment. If the space at home is limited, you can choose the equipment that can save space. Common household fitness equipment include rowing machine, elliptical machine and exercise bike, each of which has its own characteristics and functions. Rowing machine and elliptical machine are recommended for household fitness equipment, and folding treadmill is also good.

How to choose commercial fitness equipment:

When choosing commercial fitness equipment, we should pay more attention to the details of the product and the configuration of the product. Take the treadmill as an example, we should pay attention to the load-bearing of the treadmill, the width of the runway, the rated power, the shock absorption, the function of the treadmill and the characteristics of the product. We can choose a better brand, and the product will be more secure, The after-sales service in the later stage is also quite professional.

Whether it's commercial fitness equipment or household fitness equipment, you should spend some time carefully selecting the one that suits you.